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Winthrop-University Hospital’s Maternal Fetal Medicine Team Earns Prestigious Accreditation for Fetal Echocardiograms - Archived
August 15, 2012

The American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) has granted Winthrop-University Hospital’s Maternal Fetal Medicine Team accreditation for fetal echocardiograms. Throughout the country, less than 25 sites have been awarded this certification. In fact, Winthrop is the only site in the tri-state area to hold such accreditation.

“Winthrop-University Hospital is proud to be one of the select sites in the country to offer the highest standard of care for patients with complicated pregnancies,” said Anthony Vintzileos, MD, Chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Winthrop.

Fetal echocardiography uses ultrasound to examine the structure of a fetus’ heart and offers greater detail than a routine obstetric ultrasound. Women identified as being at high risk for delivering a baby with congenital cardiac defects are often referred for fetal echocardiography during pregnancy for screening as well as diagnosis of these defects. This enables the patients’ obstetrician and Winthrop’s Maternal Fetal Medicine Team to make decisions on how to best manage the pregnancy through a multidisciplinary approach that involves collaboration among physicians from other Winthrop specialties such as pediatric cardiology, neonatology and genetics.

Ultrasound practice accreditation is a voluntary peer-review process that measures practices against nationally accepted protocols in training, practice, and safety. Sites that achieve accreditation show that they have met or exceed these standards.

“I am proud that the AIUM has designed a way for healthcare providers to show that they meet or exceed training and performance guidelines in this highly specialized exam,” said AIUM President Harvey L Nisenbaum, MD.

The American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine is a multidisciplinary medical association of more than 9000 physicians, sonographers, scientists, students and other healthcare providers. Established more than 50 years ago, the AIUM is dedicated to advancing the safe and effective use of ultrasound in medicine through professional and public education, research, development of guidelines and accreditation.

Winthrop-University Hospital’s Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine includes a team of Board Certified physicians who specialize in high-risk pregnancy care. Winthrop’s team of physicians complements the care by obstetricians, providing a comprehensive program for the assessment and care of the high-risk mother and fetus. For more information about the highly specialized maternal fetal medicine services available at Winthrop, call 1-866-WINTHROP or visit

Contact: Leanna Cherry
Public Relations Manager
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Members of Winthrop-University Hospital’s Maternal Fetal Medicine Team.