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Press Releases

New "Library" Comes to NYU Winthrop
September 25, 2017

Mineola, NY - Sometimes, visits to the Hospital are unexpected, and spending time in a waiting area is just not something people plan to do.

Patients, visitors and staff of NYU Winthrop Hospital now have access to a wealth of reading materials to help pass the time, thanks to a new lending library courtesy of The Mineola Memorial Library. The “little free library,” a small wooden bookcase shaped like a library, is now located in the main lobby waiting area of the Hospital.

Some of the participants of NYU Winthrop Hospital’s 13th Annual Walk to RememberPictured (l.-r.) are Jean Zebroski, Director of Volunteer Services at NYU Winthrop Hospital; Charles Sleefe, Mineola Library Director; Gabriella Trinchetta of The Mineola Library; and Karen Mariuzza Smith, Manager of Real Estate Transactions at NYU Winthrop, who was also instrumental in establishing the program at the Hospital.

“At NYU Winthrop Hospital, we understand how important it is to make this the very best experience for both patients and their loved ones,” said Jean Zebroski, Director of Volunteer Services at NYU Winthrop Hospital. “We are most grateful to The Mineola Memorial Library for establishing this program and providing individuals with something that helps take their minds off of being in the Hospital.”

A plethora of books are available in the “little free library” at any given time – ranging from children’s to adult reading materials. The inventory is changed every few weeks, with new books for patrons of NYU Winthrop to enjoy.

“What’s more, volunteers share the materials with patients, who are also most grateful for the gift of something to read during their time here,” added Ms. Zebroski.