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Winthrop-University Hospital Welcomes Delegation from Hitachi City - Archived
May 13, 2013

Winthrop-University Hospital recently welcomed a delegation of visitors from Hitachi City, Japan, who were interested in learning about the Hospital’s cutting-edge technologies and clinical processes. The delegation included Akira Yoshinari, Mayor of Hitachi City; Hiromi Ajima, Manager, Health Promotion Section, Hitachi City Hall; Minoru Okumura, Hospital Director, Hitachi General Hospital and Doctor of Digestive Surgery; Satoru Serizawa, Department Manager, Advanced Medical Services Department, Healthcare Solution and Service Division, Social Innovation Business Project Division, Hitachi, Ltd; and Shigebumi Goto, Board Member, Corporate Secretary, Hata Hospital.

The delegation visited Winthrop-University Hospital at the invitation of Orlando Ortiz, MD, Chairman of the Department of Radiology at Winthrop. On their way to visit the corporate headquarters of Hitachi America, Ltd, in Tarrytown, NY, the delegation was eager to visit Winthrop to better understand the ways in which a major teaching hospital such as Winthrop is dealing with the increasing health requirements of an aging population.

After meeting with John F. Collins, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Winthrop-University Hospital, the delegation enjoyed a tour of the Hospital and met with members of Winthrop’s administration and medical staff, including Maureen Gaffney, MHS, RPAC, RN, Senior Vice President of Patient Care Services and Winthrop’s Chief Medical Information Officer; Barry Rosenthal, MD, Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Winthrop; Jeffrey Berger, MD, Chief of Palliative Medicine at Winthrop; Jonathan Haas, MD, Director of Radiation Oncology at Winthrop; and Collin Brathwaite, MD, Chairman of the Department of Surgery at Winthrop.

“Winthrop-University Hospital was pleased to welcome the delegation from Hitachi City, Japan,” said Mr. Collins. “The discussions and exchange of ideas that took place during their visit were truly beneficial to both the delegation and clinicians and administrators here at Winthrop.”