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Clinical Trials

Topic   Cardiology
Title   The Global cVAD (ventricular assist device) Registry
Summary   This registry will conduct retrospective review (of past) medical records for patients who received mechanical circulatory (blood pump) support with Impella devices, as per the institution and the treating physician’s decisions and protocol. All data collected is observational and the study does not involve any change to the usual, standard of care treatment for enrolled patients. The goal is to collect data related to the use (procedures) and patient outcomes (health events, such as heart attack and health status, alive, well, level of functioning etc.) for patients treated with an IMPELLA 2.5 Percutaneous Cardiac Support System.
Description   A registry is a collection of information about patients that is usually focused around a specific diagnosis or condition. The Global cVAD registry collects de-identified data for patients with an IMPELLA 2.5 device. The IMPELLA 2.5 is a catheter-mounted micro axial flow pump that is placed percutaneously (through the skin) and is capable of pumping up to 2.5 liters of blood per minute of blood from the left ventricle (chamber) of the heart into the aorta (the main artery of the body). It is designed to support blood flow (hemodynamics) and to protect the heart muscle from damage due to insufficient blood flow. Data is collected during the patient’s usual, standard of care, outpatient clinic visits.
IRB Number   156832-13
Inclusion/Notes   Patients receiving an IMPELLA, ventricular assist device.
Principal Name   Srihari Naidu, MD
Contact Name   Dipti Patel, MSN, MPH
Phone   516-663-9696
Alternate Phone   516-663-8692