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CornerStone Vol. 25, No. 1, Summer 2015
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NYU Winthrop's Medically Supervised Weight Management Program Helps Local Residents
NYU Winthrop Elects Two New Members to its Board of Directors
In Memoriam
College-bound Student Athlete Finds Relief from Sinusitis
New Research and Academic Center Celebrates Grand Opening
NYU Winthrop Recognized by U.S. News & World Report for Outstanding Pediatric Care
New Drugs, New Hope for Patients Facing Lung Cancer
NYU Winthrop Earns Designation as a Lung Cancer Screening Center by the ACR
New Equipment Enhances Care for Pediatric Airway Emergencies
Grateful Family Gives Back to NICU
The Kornreich Family Makes Donation in Honor of Young Patient
A Leader in Research
Sports Medicine Program Gives Back to the Community with Student Athlete Scholarships
Long Island's First and Only Baby-Friendly Hospital
Celebration of the Theresa M. Santmann Biomedical Research Laboratory Signals Final Stage of the Opening of the Research and Academic Center
A Bite of Hope for Pediatric Diabetes Patients
The Starlight Foundation Delivers Tablets to Pediatric Inpatient Center
NYU Winthrop Partners With Local Boy Scout to Provide Vital Resource to the Mineola Community
Once Again, NYU Winthrop Earns Designation As NAEC Level 4 Epilepsy Center
Ninth Annual Black & White Ball Raises More Than $300,000 for NYU Winthrop's CCFK
Spirit of Children Brings the Spirit of Philanthropy to Cancer Center for Kids
A Lap Goes a Long Way for Child Life at NYU Winthrop
Verizon Foundation Helps Give Patients and Their Families Peace of Mind
Local Kiwanis Club Shows Continued Support
The Book Fairies Make a Special Delivery
A Cause to Celebrate Raises Nearly $120,000 for NYU Winthrop's Child Life Program
An Evening in Tuscany - Gala Raises Over $950,000 for NYU Winthrop
30th Anniversary Golf Tournament Raises $650,000 for NYU Winthrop's Research Programs
Ask the Expert - Women's Health: Bladder and Pelvic Floor Disorders
Glen Oaks Country Club Shows Continued Support for NYU Winthrop
Senator Jack M. Martins Delivers Toys to Young Patients
New York Islanders Bring Cheer to Young Patients
An Early Mother's Day at NYU Winthrop
The Irish American Golf Club Makes Donation in Honor of Former Captain
Yuletide Ball Raises Over $216,000 for Child Life Program

NYU Winthrop's Medically Supervised Weight Management Program Helps Local Residents

Ed Palmer, now 110 pounds lighter, during a recent vacation in the Bahamas where he enjoyed activities that he hasn't been able to in years. Photo courtesy of Atlantis, Paradise Island.

As 48-year-old Edward Palmer got out of the car to attend his very first educational session at NYU Winthrop’s Medical Weight Management Program, his daughter asked him an important question.

“What will you do if you lose 75 pounds?” Without hesitation, Mr. Palmer replied, “We’re taking a vacation!”

Now, 110 pounds lighter, Mr. Palmer recently returned from a much anticipated family trip to the Bahamas, one that marked a time of great celebration and success as he got to enjoy time with his loved ones without the burden of extra weight.

“It felt amazing to take a trip that I would have never even considered at my previous weight,” said Mr. Palmer.

“We went rafting in the water park, swam and went on many waterslide rides. I also walked almost five miles each day. My old self would have never done any of that!”

A Type 1 diabetic who has been under the care of NYU Winthrop’s Endocrinology Team for several years, Mr. Palmer said he began his battle with the scale about 12 years ago. With exciting life events like marriage and the birth of his children, Mr. Palmer’s waist size gradually climbed from a 38 to a 48, and before he knew it, his weight peaked at 350 pounds. At the continuous advice of his longtime NYU Winthrop nurse practitioner, Eileen Egan, NP, Mr. Palmer finally decided he had nothing to lose - except weight, of course - and enrolled in the Medical Weight Management Program on August 1, 2014.

“The hardest part was getting the willpower and courage to start the program,” recalled Mr. Palmer. “After that, everything else was very easy thanks to all of the healthcare professionals at NYU Winthrop.”

Ed Palmer, one month before joining NYU Winthrop's Medical Weight Management Program, and six months after.

NYU Winthrop is the only hospital in New York State to use the HMR system, which was recently ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of the two best diet programs in the country.

This medically supervised weight loss program, under the Medical Direction of Raymond Lau, MD, utilizes a food selection regimen and diet developed in conjunction with HMR Weight Management Services. The program is comprised of two options -the Decision Free® Diet (800– 1,200 daily calorie diet of HMR shakes and entrees exclusively) or the Healthy Solutions® Diet (1,200 - 1,400 daily calorie diet of HMR shakes, entrees, fruits and vegetables). This structured diet is combined with physical activity and behavioral lifestyle-change coaching to provide participants with optimal results.

“NYU Winthrop’s Medical Weight Management Program not only provides participants with complete meal choices, but also the skills to help them make healthy food choices,” said Dr. Lau. “This, coupled with the medical supervision and personal coaching that each individual receives, helps them to achieve their goals with proven, long-term results.”

In the first week alone, Mr. Palmer lost 13.5 pounds, which ignited his motivation to stick with the program. After just five months, he lost over 100 pounds. Among the many benefits of his weight loss was the fact that his blood sugar levels went down more than one percentage point, something his medical team was extremely pleased about.

Jim Lassus before and after joining NYU Winthrop's Medical Weight Management program, which has helped him lose over 100 pounds.

“I am now on a quarter of the amount of insulin than when I originally started the pro- gram,” he said. “I also feel 20 years younger!”

Mr. Palmer’s weight loss has also motivated at least a dozen of his coworkers to try the NYU Winthrop program. All have had great success, including four individuals who have lost over 40 pounds each.

“I can’t tell you how many thank you’s I get and how amazed I am that my success has been such an inspiration to others,” he said. “Keeping the weight off is key, and that’s what this program also teaches. I am so grateful to NYU Winthrop for the compassionate care, positive attitude and genuine concern that everyone displayed towards me which has helped me stick with the program and ultimately, led to my success.” Fifty-one-year-old James Lassus has also

had great success with NYU Winthrop’s Medical Weight Management program. At 5 feet 9 inches tall, Mr. Lassus at his highest weight was 370 pounds. Calling a package of Double Stuf Oreos his “best friend,” the Valley Stream resident thought he could write a book on unsuccessful weight loss attempts since he had tried everything to lose weight, including a strict liquid diet, yet time and time again failed. That was until his sister-in-law recommended the Medical Weight Management Program, which has since helped him shed over 100 pounds.

Today, Mr. Lassus is completely free of the Type 2 diabetes and the sleep apnea from which he once suffered, and in his words, has “saved his own life.” In fact, Mr. Lassus was recently able to undergo hip replacement surgery at NYU Winthrop - a surgery he waited three years to have but couldn’t because he was so overweight. Now, just four months after the surgery, Mr. Lassus is enjoying exercising with his wife at the park several times per week and bike riding - something he hasn’t been able to do in years.

“This program and entire Hospital have been life-changing for me,” said Mr. Lassus. With his wife by his side supporting him throughout his weight loss journey, Mr. Lassus is looking forward to enjoying some special activities with her this summer.

“She loves to kayak and I used to sit on the dock and watch. Now, I’m looking forward to actually kayaking with her!”

For more information about NYU Winthrop’s Medical Weight Management Program, visit or call 1-866-WINTHROP.