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Quotes from NYU Winthrop Geriatric Fellowship Graduates

“There is so much to learn in Geriatrics. This fellowship offered immense diversity of settings and skilled instructors. We visited patients in their homes, saw patients in the hospital and ICU, followed patients at long term care facilities and cared for patients in rehab, were exposed to telephone medicine, and many more.  The fellowship ran like a very sophisticated smart phone with amazing options and perfect flexibility built into it.” -PG

“I have soooo many great things to say!!! One is that... Geriatrics DEFINITELY was the BEST year of my life. Also, I really feel that my year in Geriatrics completely prepared me for my future career. Such a supportive, nurturing, yet completely enriching environment helped me hone my skills, broaden my knowledge base, and develop life-long skills I will use for the rest of my career. If I could do it again, I would do it in a heartbeat. Absolutely incredible mentors, teachers, clinicians. It has been such an honor to have worked with such great doctors during my year of fellowship.” –SS

“The faculty and staff are truly an inspirational group.I will always treasure the lessons I have learned” – LR

 “It is very difficult for me to summarize all the positive aspects of my geriatric fellowship at NYU Winthrop, from the academic perspective to the human aspects of geriatric medicine all my expectations were met and surpassed. The teaching has made me a better physician. I am very proud to say that I was part of this training program.” – SG

“The academic portion was very rich and was filled with daily lectures, journal clubs, grand rounds, academic meetings, educational trips, national conference presentation, QI projects, research projects, away rotations, etc.  However, I never felt that it was in isolation. We always “did what we preached,” and seamlessly brought all of our gained skills and state-of-the art evidence-based knowledge into the patients’ exam rooms and bedside." -PG

 “It was great working with all the faculty and staff and learning from their wisdom and experience. Their humbleness, gratitude and respect for others have made me realize how much difference I could make in someone’s life” –NM

"From the first day of the fellowship I felt that all of the attendings treated me as an equal colleague rather than a subordinate trainee while masterfully sharing with me their patients, kindness, wisdom, and skill. When people say “this has been the best day of my life,” others immediately feel that they are making an embellished or a dramatic reference. Well this, indeed, has been the best year of my training and possibly life!” -PG

"Great teaching & life atmosphere in the Geriatric Fellowship at NYU Winthrop Hospital! Now I have not only my sub-specialty in Geriatrics, but best friends for life” –YK

 “Everyone at NYU Winthrop Geriatrics the office staff, the attendings, the affiliates is a gem. People genuinely want to give their all to the patients as well as each other. I looked forward to coming to work every day. The atmosphere is one of harmony and is very conducive to growing as a person and a professional. It felt like one big happy family with a purpose to care for the elderly and their families. I felt great knowing that I am a part of that and can contribute.” –PG

“This program offers a balanced exposure to all aspects of Geriatric Medicine, where teaching takes place at all levels. The atmosphere imparts both guidance and independence so that fellows can gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to care for their patients. My training experience has equipped me with the skills that are essential for becoming an effective, efficient, and compassionate Geriatrician who can make a positive impact on healthcare for the elderly in a variety of settings. Completing my fellowship in Geriatrics at NYU Winthrop was the best decision I ever made!" –RF