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Outgoing House Staff

This is a very busy and exciting time for all of you! We’d appreciate your taking the time to attend to the following materials, which must be completed before your departure.

1. Final Paychecks

Please be advised that your 6/1/18 paycheck (covering period of 5/13/18 through 5/26/18) will be the last check directly deposited.

The final checks (for period 5/27/18 through 6/9/18) and the 2nd check (for period 6/10/18 through 6/30/18) are real checks. Paycheck for pay period 5/27/18 through 6/9/18 can be picked up in the Academic Affairs Office as of 6/15/18.

Please Note: Academic Affairs cannot release your 2nd final check (period 6/10/18-6/30/18) until you have submitted the Check Out Form, with all required signatures.

**If you have fully checked-out of NYU Winthrop, but are unable to pick up your final check, then you must provide the Office of Academic Affairs with an addressed stamped envelope. Final checks mailed out through the OAA may take up to two weeks to be received.**

2. Check Out Form

All outgoing house staff must return this form to the Office of Academic Affairs, with all required signatures.

Download Check Out Form

**Please note that Medical Records and Security cannot sign off on this form until your Residency/Fellowship Coordinator has sign the form indicating that you are no longer scheduled to work.**

3. Forwarding Address Form

Please provide a forwarding address to be kept on file. This form is to be returned to the Office of Academic Affairs.

Download Forwarding Address Form

4. NYS Exit Survey

Individuals who are completing a residency or subspecialty residency, please complete the NYS Exit Survey questionnaire via this link:

NYS Exit Survey Questionnaire

(NOTE: Those in preliminary years do not complete this survey). Although the survey asks for the respondent’s ACGME residency number, this is not a required field.

Thank you and the best of luck in your new professional endeavors.