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How to Become a Senior Volunteer

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A prospective SENIOR volunteer must be 19 years or older to be accepted into the Senior Volunteer Program.

To start the process, contact the Department of Volunteer Services to schedule an interview appointment. Call us on 516-663-2391 during office hours Monday through Friday 7:00am - 4:00pm. Applicants will meet with the Manager of Volunteer Services to discuss mutual expectations.

Upon acceptance into the Program, the following are required:

  • Two (2) letters of recommendation
  • Letters can come from anyone who is not an immediate family i.e. Clergy, co-worker, teacher/professor, friend or neighbor.
  • Your medical clearance which is five (5) parts;
    1. Pre-Drug Screening – must be completed within 72 hours.
    2. The physical clearance portion on the original 'Employee/Volunteer Health Department Immunization Certificate' filled out by your physician.
    3. Proof of your immunizations for Measles Mumps and Rubella (MMR). You must have the 'Employee/Volunteer Health Department Immunization Certificate' filled out by your doctor indicating the dates doses of MMR were given or a copy of lab reports showing you have the necessary titers.
    4. Proof of ONE (1) PPD skin test administered and evaluated within the current calendar year. If you have or ever had a POSITIVE reaction, you are required to submit a complete positive PPD reading that documents the date placed, date read, reaction, signed by evaluator, along with a copy of the chest x-ray report.
    5. Documentation of Flu Vaccine is required during Flu Season.

Volunteer Service Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recognition Volunteer Service Pins are awarded to volunteers annually in honor of the hard work and many hours of service donated to the Hospital.