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Women’s Health Services

NYU Winthrop Hospital’s acclaimed Women's Health Services on Long Island, NY were created to simplify the process of gathering accurate information, accessing support services and obtaining referrals to appropriate healthcare practitioners.

Women’s Health Services programs have grown into a comprehensive roster of industry-leading preventive, diagnostic and treatment services for women of all ages. Our high-caliber obstetrics and gynecological services include:

  • Gynecology Services
    Our Division of General Obstetrics & Gynecology is committed to excellence in patient care, advanced research and outstanding medical education. Our multidisciplinary staff of specialists provides broad services utilizing the most advanced equipment and technology—from screening and preventive exams and low-risk obstetrical care, to adolescent gynecology and menopause care, to family planning and contraception, to benign and malignant gynecological surgery.
  • Diagnostic & Treatment Options
    NYU Winthrop’s Women’s Health programs are supported with sophisticated state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment including the latest generations of CT scanning, MRI scanning, ultrasound and nuclear medicine.

    Should surgical treatment be required, Women’s Health Services provides a staff of prominent general surgeons and surgical subspecialists and up-to-date surgical facilities for inpatient and outpatient procedures.
  • Obstetrics Services
    NYU Winthrop’s multi-faceted obstetrics services include prenatal visits, ultrasound scans, childbirth preparation, labor and delivery in the New Life Center and access to specialized services such as reproductive endocrinology.
  • Reproductive Endocrinology
    NYU Winthrop Hospital’s reproductive endocrinologists are dedicated to helping couples achieve viable pregnancy and experience the unparalleled joy of parenthood
  • New Life Center
    More than 5,000 babies each year begin their lives in NYU Winthrop's New Life Center, a modern, up-to-date facility featuring 16 labor-delivery-recovery rooms, each attractively decorated, comfortably and homey.
  • General Obstetrical & Gynecological Care
    Annual gynecological health screenings, including PAP tests, family planning care, management of normal and high-risk pregnancies, and other routine obstetrical and gynecological care are provided by NYU Winthrop Hospital’s teams of women’s services specialists.
  • Gynecologic Oncology Program
    Directed by a board certified physician and supported by a highly skilled staff, the Institute for Family Care's Gynecologic Oncology Program provides specialized care for women with cervical and ovarian cancers.
  • Urogynecology
    Urogynecologists at NYU Winthrop offer comprehensive evaluation to pinpoint the cause of bladder incontinence. Treatment options include non-surgical and surgical techniques.
  • Breast Health Program
    Our physicians and staff provide comprehensive care to women who are concerned about breast cancer or other breast diseases. Screening examinations, including mammography and instruction in breast self-examination are offered.
  • Physician Referrals
    This Women's Health program is uniquely staffed to make referrals to highly qualified healthcare specialists who can address the physical changes that take place at each stage of life.
  • The Women's Resource Center
    The Women's Resource Center is a comprehensive information resource for health related concerns accessible by dialing